How It Works

How It Works

How it works

TemplatePlazza is a Joomla Extensions and Templates provider.
We provide Free and Premium Joomla Extensions and Templates for your Joomla website.
Our goal is to deliver useful extensions to enrich your Joomla website function and to bring a professional presence of your Joomla website with our templates

How to download Free Items

To download our free item, simply register to our website in here and once you have logged in you will be able to download our Free joomla Extensions/Template by clicking on the download button

How to Purchase Premium Items

We provide two ways to purchase our premium items; Single Purchase and Joining InstaAccess
Single Purchase is for you who want to download only one item.
If you want to download more than one item we suggest you to join the InstaAccess Subscription that will give you an All-You-Can-Download access to specific items (based on what InstaAccess subscription you are joined) with a lower subscription price.
You can read more details about the difference between Single purchase and Joinsing Insta access in here

How to get support

We provide a forum based support for both of free and premium items. Premium Forum Support Section will be available for user who bought premium item or subscribed with InstaAccess.
We also provide a Private Support Ticket for users who have Developer level of InstaAccess Subscription.
Click here for further details

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