Hello All. As you’re probably noticing, there’ve been a major changes around here.

Yes, we finally found some quality time to spend, to bring some UI and UX improvements to the The main purpose of this redesign is to bring a better user experience for the website, to make it easier to use and also to improve user experience on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Yes, it's probably a bit late, but better late than never.

So, hope you enjoy it. Please let us know if you have suggestions or comments to make.

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Yesterday was probably the worst 1 April for us ever. Until today, we're still hoping this is just an april mop but sadly, it's not. 

This morning we got an email from our server provider told us that they have detected a hardware failure event at TemplatePlazza's server, specifically on the (SSD) disk drives .

Our RAID solution, in most case can handle this kind of failures. However in this event, both of drives on the same parity went bad simultaneously (which is really unexpected) and causing both RAID failures and data lost.
And what make it even worse and becoming a nightmare for us is, we put our daily backup data on the same server, so they are all gone with the hardware failure.  

We admit, it's indeed our mistake to not make additional remote backup. We haven't set it up yet since our last server provider migration and with the current hardwares and system we have, we believed we didn't have to worry this would happen, at least in the near future. And we were wrong. Everything is possible.

Currently we are still busy to fix things and trying to restore everything from any possible backups we have.
As you can see now, is already up again, but if you ever made a purchase in the period from 17 February to 1 April, you might be noticed that you're unable to access the premium file download at the moment + if you ever submit a question/reply to the support forum on the same period you'll found that your post is now missing.

We're really sorry for this inconvenience. We're still working on it. We will do our best to make all things back up and we will keep you updated. Thank you


UPDATE : We have done our best to bring back all the back the datas unfortunately some datas still missing. If you have ever purchased item / subscribed to InstaAccess program in period between 17 February to 1 April and unable to login now, please contact us using the Contact Us page with your PayPal transaction ID enclosed. Thank you and sorry for this inconvenience. 

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Hola Everyone.
Happy New Year! Hopefully 2013 will be the start of something good for you and us too :)

This is just a short notice about our new Joomla Extension products and program.

As you probably noticed, we have released some new items in the Joomla Extensions Section during the December of 2012. And yes, most of them are premium extensions that you can download for a small reasonable fee.

All of those premium joomla extensions are released under GPL 2  license (as Joomla itself) so anyone who has purchased it can use it on any websites without any restriction. So when buying the item you're actually purchasing the download access + updates and to get the official support from us. By purchasing the item you also give us support so we can maintain the extensions support and bring you more extensions in the Future.

Instead of buying the items individually, we also introduce a new bundle program that allow you to download many items in particular time range with a small subscription fee. We call it InstaJxt. By joining InstaJxt you will be able to download all extensions tagged under #instajxt tag in 3 available durations, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

So it's up to you. Choose the purchasing method you prefer and enjoy!


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If you have visited our website before, you might be aware about the stagnation of our website lately.
Or if you are a developer who has filed the application to become a seller on our website, you may also be wondering why your application didn't get any respond for a long time.

We're sorry about that. It's so sad, but we have to tell you that .. we have failed once again, with the new business model that we have just announced a few months ago, the marketplace.
Too many (good & bad) things happened in our internal scope in recent months that make we finally decided to change again the business model.

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Dear all,
Finally, here we are, now back on the track again.

We owe you an apology.
For the silence, the “no” updates, the “no” new products, the “no” news and other “no” things.

We won’t tell you why and how this happened, because it’s not only you who is frustrated with that “no” age, it also a dark age of our time.
We don’t want to re-open that bad memories, all we want to do now is to fix it all, to change it all with “Big changes”.

We’ll explain about these Big Changes in the next few lines but before we continue it, we want to officially say,

Please accept our deep apologize for all of that “no” age, and at the same time you can keep our promise to always keep on track without complications.

Ok. Now lets start

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