New Reboot, A New Chapter

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Dear all,
Finally, here we are, now back on the track again.

We owe you an apology.
For the silence, the “no” updates, the “no” new products, the “no” news and other “no” things.

We won’t tell you why and how this happened, because it’s not only you who is frustrated with that “no” age, it also a dark age of our time.
We don’t want to re-open that bad memories, all we want to do now is to fix it all, to change it all with “Big changes”.

We’ll explain about these Big Changes in the next few lines but before we continue it, we want to officially say,

Please accept our deep apologize for all of that “no” age, and at the same time you can keep our promise to always keep on track without complications.

Ok. Now lets start


Business Model

First, you must be already noticed the changes on the new home page before you landed here on the blog page. You probably also visually see that something changes in the platform and also the business model.

Yes, we are changing. TemplatePlazza is no longer a Joomla Template Club but it’s now a Digital Stuff Marketplace for Creative Works. So, not only to buy something in here, you also can sell your own creative products/items/service here at TemplatePlazza.

What make us different with other marketplace websites?
We don’t want to be “Yet another ThemeForest clone”. We built our own system from scratch and we proud to tell you that we have great features that will make us different compared to other marketplace website.

As a start point, we consider ourselves as the first and only marketplace website that supports subscription based item at the moment. So, if you are a GPL Developers you can sell updates, services and supports here at TemplatePlazza.

We also provide tools that make you feel comfortable selling products in here such as discussion page for each item, coupon code generator, ping – a twitter alike notification system, team member assigning etc.

You can read the whole great features in here

New Management

TemplatePlazza is now handled by Plazzoic, the new startup that is founded to bring back the TemplatePlazza to the track and to make other great internet things. We are working from a new small office in Jakarta City, Indonesia, with new team and new spirit.

What Would Happen with the Active Club Members?

Existing club members will still be able to access the club website at, but we are no longer accept new club member registration.
Every new joomla template that is published by us in the marketplace website (under user Plazzoic), will also be published in the club website. Club member will continue able to use the new templates based on their existing subscription terms.
The new Marketplace terms will affect to user who buy the template from the marketplace only.

We will keep posting the new templates to the club website until the number of templates that we owe you is reached (about 12-15 templates), then we will completely close the club website.

If you’re an active member or if you feel that you deserve to get a compensation for your last membership which is already expired, feel free to email us with your username and 2CO order number attached so we can extend your membership at the club.
Or alternatively, we can convert your remaining/existing membership periods into a balance points so you can buy items at the MarketPlace.
You can use the converted balance points to buy any item at the marketplace (not limited to template only) that is published by user Plazzoic (us)

So that’s all for now. Hopefully this is will be a new great start for all of us. Thanks and see you in the next post

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