Rebooted (Again)

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If you have visited our website before, you might be aware about the stagnation of our website lately.
Or if you are a developer who has filed the application to become a seller on our website, you may also be wondering why your application didn't get any respond for a long time.

We're sorry about that. It's so sad, but we have to tell you that .. we have failed once again, with the new business model that we have just announced a few months ago, the marketplace.
Too many (good & bad) things happened in our internal scope in recent months that make we finally decided to change again the business model.


The Business

Starting from now, we are no longer running open marketplace website.
Instead of allowing people to sell their products at our wesbsite, we had decided to produce our own products to be be sold on this website. Some of products may be developed by third parties, but the partnership will be done under the private-partnership agreement*.
(*In this case, if you're interested to become our partner please contact us through the contact us page.)
We also introduce two different purchasing models. Single based purchase and Bundled based purchase.
Every single purchase will acquire the rights for one year download access+support to one single item, while the bundle purchase (we call it InstaAccess) will grant access to download +support to many items under particular tag, based on duration of chosen subscription package.
For more details you can open this page to read more about it.

The Focus

We decided to put back our focus to Joomla.
As you can see, the new website is re-developed using Joomla and on the Products section you will be able to see that the most of available items are developed under the Joomla framework.
Yes, the recent development of Joomla has been so impressive and the platform itself continues to evolve in the good direction, better and better. We believe the Joomla decission to adopt the latest web standard elements such as Twiiter Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design will lead to positive impacts on Joomla popularity in the near future.

The Website

We have tried our best to migrate existing content on the previous website to the new one, but due to the environment differences, there are a few items that remain missing. The main issue is that we are unable to migrate the discussion items that available on the previous website. Too many discussion items need to be migrated manually, this is so time-ineffective task for us to do. So, if you have a problem (even the old one you have posted before) please post it at our new forum, we'll try our best to find the solution.

The next issue is the login problem. Because of the differences of encryption method between the previous website with the new one, we're unable to migrate your password too. So, if you have ever registered on the previous website, you have to reset your password to be able to login in our new website. We also drop the social login support (facebook, twitter, open-id) for uncertain period.

At the moment, there isn't so many items available in the products section, but we will bring more quality joomla items as soon as possible, whether it can be joomla templates or extensions.
We hope this is will be our last reboot, and hopefully everything goes well.

In the meanwhile, we have released the Joomla 3.0 updates for all free extensions. We have uploaded them all under the free joomla extensions section. So, enjoy it :)

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  • amisssska
    amisssska Tuesday, 30 October 2012

    ojala no te pierdas de nuevo...

  • amisssska
    amisssska Tuesday, 20 November 2012

    please more templates and more updates in the blog


  • sikumbang
    sikumbang Wednesday, 21 November 2012

    Sure amiska, we're keep working on it :) Thanks for your support.
    But as we have a limited resource to work on it at the moment, and also because we decide to release only fully tested + high quality product, the release timeline becomes abit slow. But we will find a way to boost it up :D

  • mpasch
    mpasch Saturday, 01 December 2012

    I think it's about time that you guys start developing some really good staff like in the past!

  • rostmg
    rostmg Monday, 28 January 2013

    with you new templates! i always loved this studio

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