Deal Plazza 1.1.2 Updates

We have released a new updates for Deal Plazza template that brings some minor bugfixed for IE8.
Please re-donload the package

Changelog :
- Fixed Icon font issue with IE8
- Fixed deal values that are not displayed properly IE8

To manually update, simply overwrite these files with the new ones :
- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/fonts/dealsfont.eot
- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/fonts/dealsfont.svg
- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/fonts/dealsfont.ttf
- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/fonts/dealsfont.woff

- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/css/icon.css
- <root>/templates/deals_plazza/css/com_k2.css
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