Mini Frontpage: no image found in case the first image is in the fulltext rather then in the introtext


In an article I have the first image in the fulltext. Than the deualt image is displayed, because the image in the full text is not found.

In have corrected this in Default.php.
Line 57:

$item->introtext --> $item->introtext.$item->fulltext

$thumb_img = MinifrontpageHelper::getThumbnail($item->id, $item->images,$thumb_folder,$show_default_thumb,$custom_default_thumb,$thumb_width,$thumb_height,$item->title,$item->introtext.$item->fulltex,$module->id);


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Accepted Answer

  • Replied by admin on Sunday, November 29 2020, 06:15 AM
    Hi Peter, Ah, I see I missed that condition. It probably would increase the server load abit when adding fulltext to scan, but I think it's ok, because the module will scan it once only. Thanks!

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  • Replied by phulst on Sunday, November 29 2020, 03:34 PM · Hide· #1
    You're welcome!
    Is this modification included in a future update?

    Remark: then also then also Carousel.php and Masonry.php has to be modified
    I hope so.

  • Replied by phulst on Thursday, March 04 2021, 08:49 PM · Hide· #2
    I saw that this modification is not in version 3.1.1.
    So I have to edit 3 files by hand (everytime).

    Are you going to add it to the module?

    Beste regards,
    • admin - more than a month ago
      Ahh sorry .. I forgot it. It will be included it in the next update. Thanks!
    Replied by phulst on Sunday, March 07 2021, 04:31 PM · Hide· #3
    Would be great! Thanks! Peter
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