Mini Frontpage pro thumbails

I bought mini front page pro and I can't get a satisfactory display.

Attached are screenshots of my settings and the result that doesn't match.

I of course deleted the thumbnails on every attempt.

Do you have a simple solution so that the images displayed in the mini front page must be 210px wide and 275px high ?

Thank you for your reply.
    Replied by admin on Thursday, June 23 2022, 11:45 AM · Hide· #1
    Hi theoperi,
    The thumbnail setting is for size of generated thumbnails not for controlling width and height of the cards. Because masonry will automatically adjust the width and height of the card based on the width of the device.
    But indeed masonsry still use the thumbnail dan width value with some basic card width and height calculation.

    Try to add this code in the css adjustment tab to reduce the top padding :
    .mfp_masonryxt_item_inner {padding-top:250px!important}

    and try to reduce the column number to make the card becomes wider
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