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MiniTicker Module

Hello, i am trying to use your module, but although it works in some areas in my site, in other it doesnt, so i came here to see if you have any ideas.

I have enabled it for all pages and although it works here: http://mysamurai.eu/v8/blogs, when i go to other pages, like here: http://mysamurai.eu/v8/news-content/boss-kills-items-details it doesnt appear at all. Can you tell me what's the problem? My site is J1.6

Also, i use Easyblog in my site. Can i have MiniTicker, also "take" titles from Easyblog itself?

Thnx in advance for any possible help, great mod!
  • Replied by sikumbang on Wednesday, April 03 2013, 02:01 AM · Hide· #1
    Hi, I visited both pages and seems it works properly on both of pages
    Replied by erwinschro on Wednesday, April 03 2013, 02:15 AM · Hide· #2

    Regarding the EasyBlog, we're sorry if MiniTicker not support it as EasyBlog is a commercial extension...
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