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ericpaap on Friday, October 18 2013, 12:25 PM

Problem with other module

I have just installed MiniFrontPage but now other modules are not working anymore. From Youtheme the Widgekit module for a slideset. Is there something conflicting?
  • Replied by erwinschro on Friday, October 18 2013, 03:01 PM · Hide· #1
    Hi there

    can you point us the URL where you publish both MiniFP and Slideset?
  • Replied by ericpaap on Friday, October 18 2013, 03:05 PM · Hide· #2
  • Replied by erwinschro on Friday, October 18 2013, 03:11 PM · Hide· #3
    Can you de-activate jQuery library option from Minifrontpage module?
    see if that helps....
  • Replied by ericpaap on Saturday, October 19 2013, 12:28 PM · Hide· #4
    Yes now its working together! Thanks!!!
  • Replied by ericpaap on Wednesday, October 30 2013, 01:31 PM · Hide· #5
    But now is the pagination not working anymore. Is dat working with jQuery? So we have a conflict between other modules as Widgekit iof Yootheme? On their site I have found this:

    // load jQuery, if not loaded before
    if (!JFactory::getApplication()->get('jquery')) {
    JFactory::getApplication()->set('jquery', true);
    // add jQuery

    Do you have a solution for this problem of conficts? Must I place this code somewhere in the code of yours?
    Replied by erwinschro on Thursday, October 31 2013, 12:33 AM · Hide· #6
    I don't know why the pagination not working there. Pagination should not using jquery if that's standart template. You may ask your template provider if that's related with pagination.
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