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Responsive Banner Slider doesn`t work

Hello team TP,

i need your help, it`s about this website:

more exactly in this article:

After the quotation, there is your module placed.
Only a thin line is displayed. In the console, i get an error from the script "box-slider-all.jquery.min.js":
"TypeError: s is undefined".

The module is placed via the SP PageBuilder. But i also tried in normally/directly with only your module on the frontpage.
But the website is live, so i couldn`t leave on the frontpage. So placed it in an article, same result.

I used your module (which ist great, some improvements could be done...but i really like it) and it is working there.
When you`re logged in, you can have a look at the implementation via SP PageBuilder, here:

Scroll down (last third), after the row called "Zitat", is a row called "Banner (Responsive Banner Slider)",
there is the module included. but you can`t do there anything relevant. I just wanted to make the structure clear.

In the module manager (we`re using "advanced module manager") is your module set:


Please help us to get your module running normally, thank you.
It`s really urgent.

We didn`t expect it to not working (we had to repplace it with the standard one for presentation)

Greetings Thomas K.
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