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Responsive Banner Slider - Nivo slider not showing on Home

I've downloaded and installed the banner slider, I have a problem with the Nivo slider. the other banner styles load on the home page but the Nivo one does not, it loads on all other pages , just not the home. When i switch to adapter, it shows up, but i don't like the rotating box. the nivo one is the one i like best. Can someone look and see if they see something obvious. It's not really a live site just testing some modules. But i would like to use the Nivo slider of this banner slider. I like it.
go to oceania menu item or any other than Home and the banner shows in Nivo, only on Home it doesn't.

    Replied by admin on Monday, January 25 2016, 03:07 AM · Hide· #1
    Hi, it's really strange. I have tried to enter your administrator page and (temporarily) disabled all of modules on the home page but the module still doesn't show up. There is no js error on the console and no jquery conflict either.
    Do you have any specific extension published on the home page?
    Please post rating at the Joomla! Extensions Directory - http://extensions.joomla.org/profile/profile/details/264
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