Unur on Friday, April 19 2013, 06:45 AM

Responsive Banner Slider / Problem

Yesterday I have purchased Responsive Banner Slider (for 4,90 $). However when I publish it, my shopping cart show "0" quantity and "0" amount even there is a selected item in my cart. When I deactivate the responsive banner slider, my cart becomes normal (I see quantity selected and the amount of the selected items).
What can be the problem? I need your urgent and kind support please. I'm blocked completely. Thank you very much.
best regards,
  • Replied by erwinschro on Friday, April 19 2013, 03:32 PM · Hide· #1
    are you able to see the html source of that page?
    if you're able to do that then can you check in the header part of your site if there's a jQuery library been loaded more than one? maybe there's one from this module and from your template or from Virtuemart...then de-activate them and leave the first in the order.

    let us know then
  • Replied by Unur on Friday, April 19 2013, 02:16 PM · Hide· #2
    Thank you for your kind reply. Is it possible to advise us how to do it ourself? If you can show the way by some explanation, I guess we may try it.
    looking forward to hearing from you.
    thank you.
    best regards,
    Replied by erwinschro on Friday, April 19 2013, 09:51 AM · Hide· #3

    thanks for your purchase....
    can you setup a page for us and fill the URL on the Site Details below so we can take a look at the problem?

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