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show intro text with html elements on Related Items Extended

in my intro text i have some Headlines, i want to see them in my intro text but the module strips the "Headlines" H1 H2 H3 from the intro text ? is it possible to enable it ? please advice ?

i didn't saw any option in the module back end.. is it even possible on the latest version ?
  • Replied by admin on Friday, June 05 2015, 05:00 AM · Hide· #1
    Hi benjoman,
    Yes it's not possible to add allowed tags from the backend, but if you're really need that, you can modify the file
    ../modules/mod_relateditems_xtd/helper.php , at lines 377 you will see this code
    $introtext = strip_tags($introtext, '<a><em><strong>');

    try to change that to :
    $introtext = strip_tags($introtext, '<h1><h2><h3><a><em><strong>');
    Please post rating at the Joomla! Extensions Directory - http://extensions.joomla.org/profile/profile/details/264
    Replied by marc.light on Monday, July 04 2016, 06:38 PM · Hide· #2
    An option Strip HTML: yes/no would be nice.
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