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Hi Support Team,

I have a responsive banner slider showing a series of 5 banners. I have several clients, many of them only have one banner, but some of them are starting to have more than one, 2, 3 or even 4 published at the same time.

The thing I would like to get is that the slide shows several banners but always from different clients. The problem is that having clients with more than one banner, the slider will show several banners of the same client each time, and it is not the expected behaviour.

Do you know how I could get it? ... In other words, the slide only must show different client banners and never repeats a client.

Thank you in advanced.
  • Replied by admin on Sunday, August 25 2019, 11:19 PM · Hide· #1
    Hi jullian, sorry for delay in rsponding, due to weekend offline.
    Anyway just to want make sure, so you want the module to display multiple clients, but each client will only display one banner, right?
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  • Replied by julianvillarejo on Monday, August 26 2019, 09:21 AM · Hide· #2
    Hi Support Team,

    You are right. Let me give an example, may be it is clearer:

    I have 4 clients. Some have one active banner, others can have more than one:

    - Client 1: Ban11
    - Client 2: Ban21
    - Client 3: Ban31, Ban32, Ban33
    - Client 4: Ban41, Ban 42

    All banners are CategoryX

    Then I have configured a responsive slider showing 4 banners (Count=4), Category= CategoryX

    I would like that the slider shows ALWAYS something like: [Ban11, Ban21, Ban3n, Ban4n] (n can be 1,2 or 3 for Client 3, and 1 or 2 for Client 4). So I would like the slider shows at least one banner per Client and no more than one per Client.

    However it is not the real behaviour. The slider put in a "bag" all the active banners together (no mather the Client is) and shows it randomly, so more than one banner from the Client 3 and 4 will be included almost always in the slider. In other words, the most likely slider sequence will be:

    [Ban11, Ban31, Ban33, Ban42]... Then, the Client 2 is out.
    [Ban21, Ban31, Ban41, Ban42]... Then, the Client 1 is out.
    [Ban31, Ban32, Ban41, Ban42]... Then, the Client 1 and Client 2 are out.

    The desired output [Ban11, Ban21, Ban3n, Ban4n] is really unlikely, and the most of the times will not happen.

    I hope it is clearer now... Do you see any way of getting it?

    Thank you in advanced.
    Best regards.
    Replied by admin on Tuesday, August 27 2019, 02:18 AM · Hide· #3
    Hi Jullian, unfortunately the core joomla banner doesn't support banner limitation (per client), so to get the result you want, will need to modify the core joomla banner component.
    Anyway, how about to play with Total Impression / Total Click for better / fair impression distribution?
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