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Hi, bought you module but is useless as it tries to use what's up app. This way is no reason to have it on website as you can simply make the call link to whats up app. Or there is a way to chat directly on module with client? As it is is quite messy for clients to download and install applications.
    Replied by admin on Sunday, November 17 2019, 02:01 PM · Hide· #1
    Hi You have tried the demo and reading the description in the product page before making a purchase, right?
    It is described in the product page that the module is indeed not an indipendent chat application.
    It's a widget that display list of support agents so your web visitor can start a conversation with them through WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web
    From the demo website you will also found that it will redirect your user to another tab to open WhatsApp web or WhatsApp mobile app everytime they try to send a message.
    Or there is a way to chat directly on module with client?
    Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn't provide such API for that.
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