JBounce is a small, free Joomla module enabling you to display a modal before a user leaves your website.

It helps you to increase landing page conversion rates. But as it's very easy to create something spammy-looking with tools like this, please use JBounce wisely. Provide value to your visitors by providing useful contents.

JBounce module comes with several parameters for you to easily change the modal appearance, such as animation effect type, changeable background color and image, loading a HTML content entered from module backend or to load other module inside it.


  • Flexible layout configuration in the backend, including option to change modal animation effects, background image or color, etc
  • You can choose between loading module position in the module body or entering HTML content directly from module backend
  • Option to display modal once per visitor
  • ..and more


JBounce is created based on ouibounce jquery plugin by carlsednaoui


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 Version 1.0 - 5/11/2014
+ Initial Release           
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