Change header of WhatsappAgent title

I am trying change the Header priority from h1 to simple text in Whatsapp agent with no luck!

Where can I change that so my page dont have 2 <h1> titles. THere is no need, no reason for the Whatsapp agents greeting to be a <h1> , <h2> or <h3>.

There seems to be only one communication here when I search the forum but sadly I cannot enter that page anymore.
    Replied by admin on Thursday, October 24 2019, 11:01 PM · Hide· #1
    Hi, you need to manually change the code in the file ../modules/mod_whatsapp_agent/tmpl/default.php
    You can remove the <h1> tag in the line 102
    	var morning = ("<h1>'.$g_morning_title.'</h1><p>'.$g_morning_msg.'</p>");
    	var afternoon = ("<h1>'.$g_afternoon_title.'</h1><p>'.$g_afternoon_msg.'</p>");
    	var evening = ("<h1>'.$g_evening_title.'</h1><p>'.$g_evening_msg.'</p>");

    and line 145 :

    and also line 169 :
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